Our Vision

To become the most dependable and highly regarded solutions provider of specialty valve and valve automation solutions in each of the industries and markets we serve, so that our customers can increase profitability and reliability.

Our Mission

We provide valve and valve automaton solutions to a variety of industries with a focus on providing quick response and high quality products that are carefully selected to meet our customer’s most important needs.

Genesis Systems | Who We Are

Genesis Systems, Inc. was established in April of 1999 in North Texas by Tom LeBlanc with the goal of distributing valves and valve automation to the local industrial markets. From those first few employees and humble beginnings, Genesis Systems has grown substantially over the years and has developed a loyal customer base.

In February 2008, Genesis Systems expanded into Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle. The company continued to expand its marketing reach, including in 2014 when coverage expanded into West Texas. In 2017 Genesis Systems expanded again into Texas Hill Country covering the Austin, & San Antonio corridor. In 2019, sales coverage expanded to the gulf coast and the company now proudly serves the entire states of Texas and Oklahoma.

Genesis Systems has always been focused on being a factory direct, exclusive representative and distributor for the finest valve and valve automation products in the industry. The business has been built around providing premium solution-based valve products into a variety of industries including Power, Refining, Chemical, Life Sciences, Food & Beverage, Pulp & Paper, Oil & Gas, and Space Exploration.

Genesis Systems offers a wide range of superior valve and valve automation manufacturers in combination with hiring highly qualified and knowledgeable employees who care about providing customers with the support they expect and deserve. The staff at Genesis Systems works as a team to provide customers with knowledge-based solutions for their valve, regulator, and valve actuator requirements. The employees of Genesis Systems have over 300 years of experience in the application of sales and service of valves, regulators, actuators, and control accessories.

In January of 2015 Genesis Systems moved into a new purpose-built facility in Garland Texas, that includes a state-of-the-art valve automation center with the capability to automate quarter-turn, linear and multi-turn valves up to 120” in diameter. The expanded facility has allowed Genesis Systems to further support customer needs by adding CAD/3D drafting and project/logistics management departments.

In Fall of 2021, Genesis Systems was acquired and is now a subsidiary of FloWorks International LLC, which is the parent company of many other valve and valve automation companies around the world. Genesis Systems will operate within FloWorks’ global network of branch locations while retaining the Genesis Systems name and products. The same experienced team, led by Tom LeBlanc, Mark Auer, and Mike Mabry continues to run Genesis Systems.

The FloWorks acquisition has provided Genesis System’s customers access to greater resources, additional products, and a large customer support network. The future is bright all around for Genesis Systems including its employees, manufacturers, and customers.

It’s simple…experienced staff, industry leading valve, regulator and valve automation product lines, and a desire to keep HAPPY customers.

Genesis Systems Implements Integrity Selling® Values and Ethics

Genesis Systems adopted and implemented Integrity Selling® in early 2010. Integrity Selling is a perfect fit for Genesis as it maintains the same values and ethics of the Genesis Team.
Selling is identifying and filling the needs that people/companies have and creating a value for them.


  1. Selling is a mutual exchange of value.
  2. Selling isn’t something you do to people – it’s something you do for and with them.
  3. Developing trust and rapport precedes any selling activity.
  4. Selling pressure is never exerted by a sales professional. It’s exerted only by people when they perceive they want your products.
  5. Selling techniques give way to values-driven principles.
  6. Truth, respect and honesty provide the basis for a long-term selling success.
  7. Ethics and values contribute more to sales success than do techniques or strategies.
  8. Understanding customers’ wants or needs should precede attempts to sell.
  9. Negotiation is never manipulation. It’s always a strategy to work out problems – when customers want to work them out.
  10. Closing is a victory for both the customers and the sales professional. Integrity, n.
  1. Strict adherence to a standard of value or conduct.
  2. Personal honesty.
  3. Completeness.
  4. Soundness.